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What is an Article?

An article is a piece of writing made to inform, persuade or entertain a reader. It's primary focus should be to engage a reader's focus, and hold it througout, until the end of the piece

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Point of a Good Article:

An article should include:

1. An engaging headline

2. A 'hook', something that grabs the reader's attention from the first paragraph

3. Something that makes the reader think

4. A conclusion which draws the main point 

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Point of a Bad Article:

An article should not include:

1. Pictures and/or columns

2.Undeveloped paragraphs

3. Undeveloped writing which doesn't involve the account question

4. Random or unselective details

5. Uninteresting, dull tone

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Article writing tips

1. Begin with a catchy or memorable heading, maybe even a joke or pun

2. Make the opening short, sharp and interesting

3. Have three or four central paragraphs which are linked, developed and detailed

4. Finish with a short but concise conclusion

5. Chech your work, carefully.

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