Writing to Analyse, Review, Comment

For the AQA English Language Exam. Paper 2, section B. Probably useful in other exams and pieces of writing too :)

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Writing to Analyse, Review, Comment
-- Make comparisons
-- Advantages and disadvantages
-- Be subjective
-- Balanced judgment
-- Personal opinion and reasons
-- Give own point of view
1. Identify the GASP:
Genre- is it a letter, a newspaper article, a leaflet?
Audience- is it to your peers, to children, to adults?
Purpose- do you have to review, comment, analyse, or all three?
2. Decide on some points using a brainstorm.
E.g. Write an article for a school magazine analysing and commenting the idea; `If only I could
win the lottery'.
3. Choose a couple of points from each side of the argument (I have put `Yes' on the right and
`no' on the left')

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Sort out a structure. You put forward all the positives and then the negatives, or you could put
forward one positive followed by a negative to counter it (e.g. `Don't have to go to school'
then `Wouldn't have anything to do'). It depends on the points you have chosen.
Use Discourse markers.
This helps paragraphs flow smoothly, and shows the examiner that your writing is ordered.
They can also show similarity or contrast.
e.g.…read more


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