Tippett - Background

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  • Tippett - Background
    • Who was Michael Tippett?
      • One of England's most well-known composers
        • 20th century
        • Popular before and during WWII
      • Born in London
        • 1905
      • Studied composition, conducting and piano
        • Royal College of Music
    • Influences
      • Studied with R.O.Morris
        • Expert on 16th century music
        • Tippett developed fascination and flair for counterpoint
          • Gave rise to his first significant work
            • The String Quartet No.1 (1935)
            • The Piano Sonata No.1 (1936-7)
    • Concerto for Double String Orchestra
      • One of his most frequently played pieces
      • Written in 1939 for South London Orchestra
        • Conducted it
      • Conducted it
    • Influences seen in the concerto
      • Neo-classical traits
      • Contemporary European features
      • Elements of folk music and jazz
      • Sprung rhythms
      • Polyphonic exuberance he admired in English madrigals
      • Influence of Bartok and Stravinsky can be seen


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