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Three gorges dam…read more

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Flood control
-The dam is used to control water levels due to the frequent flooding of
the Jinjiang River and Dongting Lake
-Storage level is approximately 574ft and its flood control capacity is
29 billion cubic yards
-If severe floods happen, the dam can hold the water and discharge
the flood, which allows time for people to move, helping to avoid loss
of life
· Navigation
-The elevated water levels of the reservoir upstream from the dam now
enables larger ships to travel further inland on the Yangtze
-This has boosted Yangtze River trade, which accounts for 80% of
China's inland shipping…read more

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Hydro-electric power
-By 2020, China wants 15% of total energy production to come
from renewable resources
-Hydroelectric power is a critical non-carbon energy source that
will help reduce energy consumption and air pollution
-By substituting coal-produced energy with hydroelectric energy
from the Three Gorges Dam, China will reduce annual coal
consumption by 40-50 tons, effectively reducing the amount of
pollution released into the atmosphere
-The project has also been part of China's initiative to move
towards green energy usage as it is currently the second largest
emitter of greenhouse gases in the world…read more

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