Case study: China

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Case study: China
Largest sustained GDP growth in history- 7.5%-10% a year.
Energy demands
China is the second largest consumer and accounts for 15% of the global demand for energy.
China controls 3% of the world's reserves.
By 2030, China will account for 25% of the global demand for cars.
Where does China's energy come from?
Largest producer and consumer of coal.
Coal accounts for 70% of its electricity generation.
China creates one coal powered fuel station every week.
Coal is cheap, abundant but heavily polluting.
Hydroelectric power
This accounts for 16% of China's electricity generation.
China has the world's biggest turbines on the world's biggest dam (`the Three Gorges Dam').
Difficult to exploit because of geopolitical (territorial disputes with the Philippines) and geology (in the Tarim
Most of China's imports (80%) pass through the Strait of Malacca.
China's search for energy security
China is protecting its oil imports with creating closer ties with Burma and expanding naval access in
Water demands
80% of China's rivers no longer support fish.
70% of China's rivers and lakes are polluted.
Funded for projects such as the Three Gorges Dam and South-To-North water transfer scheme.
Superpower status
It has accounted for 90% of the global increase in sea traffic this century.
It makes 500 million tonnes of steel a year- 33% of the world's output.
Largest producer and consumer of steel in the world.
China has 16 of the 20 most air-polluted cities in the world.
30% of China suffers from acid rain.
Part of the multipolar power word future.
Around 30% of China's oil comes from Africa.
China is exploiting Africa's oil- its involvement in the LAPSSET project, Kenya.
China has cancelled $10 billion of debt and offered further debt relief to 31 African coutnries.
The technological fix
Three Gorges Dam


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