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Name of study: A Case of Multiple Personality

Author(s): Thigpen and Cleckley

Approach: Individual Differences

Background information (what theories/issues of previous research is the study based on?)
MPD has a number of personalities each with distinct memories, behaviour patterns, social relationships and
cognitive functioning.
Each personality may have different physical…

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Psychometric & Projective tests. This allows the
researcher to gather in depth details about the
development of MPD.
It allows us to investigate unique cases of behaviour The method is carried out over a long period of time,
that are not available to study frequently. MPD is not and this…

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On several occasions, last few months, EW heard a voice addressing her
During the conversation, put hands to her head.
Tense moment of silence hands dropped.
Therapist observed "quick, reckless smile"
Bright voice "Hi there, Doc'!"
EW changed from conventional to carefree.
Different physical presence.
Stated her name was Eve…

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No nylon

Description of Eve White: demure, sweet, sad, dresses conservatively.
Description of Eve Black: childish, vain, egocentric, flirtatious, dresses provocatively.

Eve Black's lack of compassion for Eve White: Denies marriage & lack of concern.

Curing Eve Black: therapists negotiate with Eve Black ­ want her to "behave" and…

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study the evidence that supports the nurture aspect is the traumatic events she experienced (man drown, mum
badly injured & man mangled).

What evaluation issues relate to this study and why?
Must include:
Case Study
Advantage Disadvantage
A strength is that it produces in depth detailed, A weakness is…

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Give two alternative ways of conducting the study and suggest any changes that might occur in the
findings and any implications of the changes (e.g. strengths or limitations)

Problem Change Implicatio Effects on
ns Findings
Thigpen and Cleckley In addition to an The The patient There would be more

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be more
e to
sufferers of


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