Thigpen and Cleckley (1954) Evaluation

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  • Thigpen and cleckley (1954) Evalucation
    • Ethics
      • Psychological harm, stress and depression
        • Stop calling out the personalities so frequently
      • Invasion of privacy
      • Consent from each personality
    • Sample and Sampling method
      • Not generalisable
      • Only one sample - hard to compare
      • volunteer/ self selected
    • Research Method
      • Working closely with participant may compromise objectives
      • relied on testimony of past events which may be false
        • Ask family to correlate events
    • Validity and reliability
      • No scientific way to confirm presence of other personalities
      • Therapist may have provoked another personality to appear
      • Some psychiatrists may be more likely to diagnose MPD than others
        • Have more than one doctor see the patient
    • Quantitative and Qualitative data collected
      • more qualitative than quantitative
        • Include more quantitative data
      • Data is hard to compare and analyse
    • Practical application
      • Product of questionable therapeutic interventions performed on vulnerable suggestible participants


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