Individual Differences Overview

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  • Individual Differences
    • Assumption
      • All individuals are unique
        • So beh. and personal qualities differ
    • Strengths
      • Recognises diverse nature of humans
        • Doesn't focus on mythical 'average' individual
      • Evidence from many sources
      • Very useful
        • Ready application to everyday life
    • Weaknesses
      • Maybe only individuals, rather than groups, should be studied
      • Can highlight differences rather than celebrating diversity
    • Studies
      • Rosenhan
        • Stooge patients
          • Diagnosed correctly?
      • Thigpen and Cleckley
        • Eve White, Eve Black, Jane
          • MPD
      • Griffiths
        • Fruit machine gamblers and non fruit machine gamblers
          • Beh. when fruit machine gambling


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