Thigpen and Cleckley

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  • Thigpen and Cleckley
    • Sample - Christine Sizemore
    • Multiple personality disorder
      • Presence of 2 or more identities  Subordinate alters often hear voices but don't know who it belongs to
      • At least 2 identities take control
      • Inability to recall important info
    • Causes of MPD
      • Childhood abuse - usually sexual trauma before age 5
      • Experts believe alters arise to protect person from overwhelming memories
    • Aim  - To report on one case of MPD in Eve White (DID today)
    • Method - Case Study
    • Procedure
      • Therapy  lasted 14 months (100 hrs of interviews with patient and family - sub)
      • A number of psychometric tests and memory tests, ink blot tests subjective
      • EEG - objective
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