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  • Thigpen and Cleckley - Evaluation
    • Ethics
      • Consent? -who gives consent (all cooperated)
      • Confidentiality - isn't clear if she wanted her case to be so widely seen (film)
      • Right to Withdraw - could easily quit therapy
      • During treatment EW worsened. Jane taking over might not have been best.
    • Data
      • Psychometric tests are Quan/ Observations are Qual
      • IQ - EW =110 EB = 104. EB superior memory
      • Ink blot tests - EW - anxiety role conflict, OCD.
      • EW = Repressive EB = Regressive
    • Validity - Questionable (retrospective). EW relationship with Thigpen (bias)
      • Ecological Validity - High as everday life BUT low in hypnoses
    • Reliability - Low, case study, no replication.
    • Usefulness - usefulness to know whether MPD exists in order to treat it.
      • Cases of people using MPD as an excuse for crime
    • Alternate suggestions - review several case studies and investigate past trauma


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