Sociological theories-conflict vs consensus (summary)

These notes are ones that I made for my exam, and really helped me revise and get the top grades.

This is an overview of the main theories to sociology, including functionalism, marxism, feminism and weberism.

They're set in mind map/bullet point format.

I hope they help y'all, and good luck :D

P.s.These notes may contain some minor grammatical errors like spelling misakes, but all information is correct.

P.p.s. I sat the exam in June 2013 btw

Feel free to check out my other Sociology notes, aswell as my psychology ones :D

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This was super helpful! I have just started studying sociology at AS level and was struggling to get my head around this. I understand it now :)



This was simplified in a way that will ensure I remember all important detail when sitting both my mock exams and my real exams. Thank you very much!!!!