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General Theme 1 Notes
24 March 2014 23:06
This theme consists of:
· How the world's population is changing · What the effects of these changes will be · Why
people move · Why people become refugees · How countries can control their population ·
What do we mean by quality of life · Why settlements are found in particular areas · How
housing is accessed by different groups of people · Why people move to cities · How
shopping has changed · How cities…read more

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Population Definitions
24 March 2014 23:37
Explain population terms
1. Birth rate: No. of live births per 1000 people a year. 2. Death rate: Number of deaths per
1000 people a year. 3. Migration: Number of people moving in or out. 4. Emigrant: Leave your
country. 5. Immigrant: Move to another country. 6. Natural increase: The difference between
the birth rate and the death rate. 7. Infant mortality: The number of babies that die before their
first birthday. 8.…read more

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Population Growth
24 March 2014 23:41
Why population has grown and the consequences.…read more

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