'Of Mice and Men' and 'The Women in Black' revision ppt

Revision powerpoint for AQA 'OF MICE AND MEN' and 'THE WOMAN IN BLACK'. Covers key themes, for both books, characters, AOS's you will be marked on and how to approach the questions

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English-AQA-Of mice and men/
Women in Black…read more

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The Women in
Black…read more

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Women in Black-Assessment Objectives
Assessment Objective What the AO's include
Respond to texts critically and
imaginatively; select and evaluate
AO1 relevant textual detail to illustrate and
support interpretations
Explain how language, structure and
form contribute to writers'
AO2 presentation of ideas, themes and
Relate texts to their social, cultural
and historical contexts; explain how
texts have been influential and
AO4 significant to self and other readers in
different contexts and at different
times…read more

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Women in Black- Arthur Kipps
`The Final Chapter' is hard for Kipps to write and it is traumatic for Seasonal Affective
him to relive his past devastating events. By the end of the chapter, Disorder
short sharp sentences are used to symbolise his sadness and hatred
for what has happened, but also him moving on , never to talk The events in
about what he experienced again Eel Marsh house
have haunted
Strong man at first with him, and
(what seems) to be changed his
everything, contrasting Main Character: personality
to him at the end, he is
permanently scared Arthur Kipps `The Pony and Trap' is
from the events and is the first time we see
now always alert for the Arthurs fear in full
worst force. In the chapter
before he admitted that
Quick to judge Samuel Daily on Oblivious about the "I did not believe in
the train " ...summed up and events surrounding the ghosts. Or rather, until
all but dismissed him..." (pg house, does not this day" (pg 67) he is
36), is not Kipps sort of man. understand why no one frightened by what he
But later they become good will help him has admitted to him self
friends…read more

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Weather, Senses,
Foreboding, Pathetic
Women in Black-Tension Fallacy, Slowing of
narrative, Anti Climax's
Repetition, Link between
The vagueness of the first chapter makes us want to know what
Arthur and Spider's
happens next. The effect and un willingness of the discussion of
ghost stories shows the reader he has been badly effected in the The placement of
past, something bad enough to withdraw him from a family ghost the chapters builds
story event which is just a laugh, and not serious at all tension as it makes
The use of isolation the reader put the
shows that there is no story together
way out, making the themselves, leading
reader fear the worst Tension them to start
for the protagonist, thinking about an
making the scenes array of different
more tense outcomes
Susan Hill adds strange "Bump Bump. Pause. Bump bump. Pause" (pg 109)
description in chapters e.g. punctuation mirrors phrasing, you can't see but you can hear
"twenty or so children" (pg 51) leading to imagination use yet again. "Pause" is not needed
lined up against the school gate to be written, a "." could be used instead , but the written
, leading the reader to use their form makes the reader stop, giving them time to think and
imagination , fearing the worst prepare themselves for what is going to happen next…read more

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Women in Black-Ghost Story
A ghost: Extreme weather:
Jennet Humpfre Emphasis on mood and Reliance on
atmosphere natural world
Sea mist
Build up of tension Contrast
to a horrific climax: between
Death of Stella weather
and his son
Dropping hints Ghost Story
along the way to
the horrific
Main character who does not Setting:
believe in ghosts at first: Isolate haunted house
Arthur Kipps Eel Marsh House
First chapter and Last chapter, Impressions ,descriptions,
contrast between the two surrounding etc.…read more

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