Mr Pip Revision Notes

My school chose to do Mr Pip as the book to study for English Literature Unit 1 Section B. I found it really hard as there aren't many revision notes online for this book (everyone always seems to do Of Mice and Men).

I made my own notes from reading the book and put them under categories which I thought might come up in the exam (e.g. attitudes to outside world, Mr Watts, conflict, context etc.)

I thought this might be useful for anyone else studying it in the future!

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Mr Pip Revision Notes by Natasha Wilson


Bougainville is part of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands.
Australian company builds in Panguna, Papua New Guinea on the island of Bougainville.
Islanders had no benefit from this.
o Very little of earnings were given to island workers.
o `Wontok'…

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Shares plan to leave island with Matilda, although it becomes evident he didn't plan to take her with him.
Was he just acting and fitting whatever role given?
Matilda concludes that she had met Mr Dickens as Mr Watts. He introduced whole of literature to her.

Power of words/literature


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o He has a natural authority as he is a white man
o Forgiving despite the blame village puts upon him.
o Later, June calls him `weak'. Turns out he lied a lot.
o He was "whatever he needed to be". Never saw the real him.
o Ignorant and…

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Islanders did not know outside white world
Mum only knew what Minister had told her in sermons
Dad saw how small island was for first time when leaving it
Copper mine is rarely referred to, despite it being ultimate cause of devastation. Few of characters have
ever seen it. All…




Really useful, thanks :) 



yepp they are considering theres no revision guides thnks



This was actually really good, thanks :D

Paul Dutton


A very useful set of notes for this text, good on character and context.

Adam _



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