Weimar Government under Stresemann - Problems

The problems for the Weimar government when lead by Stresemann

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Weimar Government Problems under Stresemann - Econ

  • the German economy was still unstable as the USA could ask for there loan repayments at any time which would cause a economic crisis
  • many people were already suffering economically
  • the main economic winners were big businesses and landowners
  • the main losers were the peasent farmers and some of the middle class
  • the farmers were overproducing crops
  • this means they didn't have enough demad for the crops they were growing
  • they had bills and a mortage to pay so they suffered economically
  • small business owners also suffered as they where threatened by large department stores who had more business than they did
  • people thought that the Weimar goovernment offered them little so much of there support was lost
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Weimar Government Problems under Stresemann - Cult

  • culture of cities seemed to represent a moral decline
  • organisations such as the Wandenrogel movement were a reaction to Weimar culture
  • they wanted to return to simple country values and have more help in the countryside
  • this was a powerful feeling that Hitler and the Nazis harnessed in later years
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Weimar Government Problems under Stresemann - Pol

  • Nazi and Communists parties were building up and getting more support
  • 30% of the vote regulary went to parties opposed to the Republic
  • people elected Hindenburg as president in 1926
  • he was opposed to democracy and the consulted the Kaiser in exile
  • the Weimar government was losing support
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Weimar Government Problems under Stresemann - Fore

  • Nationalists attacked Stresemann for joining the League of Nations and signing the Locarno Treaty - this was seen as acceptance of the Treaty of Versailles and Germans hated this Treaty
  • Communists attacked the Locarno Treaty as it was part of a plot against the Communist government in the USSR
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