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The Berlin Crisis, 1958-62
Khrushchev: `Berlin is the testicles of the West... every time I want to make the West scream, I
squeeze on Berlin'.
The First Berlin Crisis 1948-9
The Yalta and Potsdam conferences made an agreement to divide Germany and Berlin into 4 zones.
The West united their two zones (bizonia) into one economic area. The West introduced a new form
of currency known as the Deutschmark into their zones. Stalin built a blockade in Berlin to keep the
West from sending supplies to their zones in Berlin. The Blockade lasted for 10 months and gained
their victory over Stalin. The USA set up NATO as a defensive organisation to ensure the protection
of Western countries through uniting. The West then set up West Germany, naming it the German
Federal Republic (GFR) in August 1949. The Soviets named East Germany the German Democratic
Republic (GDR/DDR) in October 1949.
Why did Berlin continue to be a problem for the Soviet Union?
All the intelligent and skilled people of East Berlin escaped to the West.
Everyone was being told Stalin was wonderful but they weren't convinced.
Marshall Aid.


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