The studies in addiction - revision cards

This document contains a selection of the studies which are mentioned in the 'Psychology A2: The Complete Companion' book concerning the study of addiction. Nearly every study is in there.

These are designed to be stuck back to back. The colour can be changed to be colour coded or you can leave them as black These can still be used even if you don't use the 'Psychology A2: The Complete Companion' as extra knowledge.

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McGue For alcohol dependence, Agrawal
heritability accounts for For drug dep
between 50% - 60% of cases
for both men and women
and cases, heritabi
anywhere betw
Lynskey 79%.

Studied the US Virginia twin Discovered th
Kendler et registry ­ found that a
common genetic factor Noble et al

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Smokers report higher levels Suggests tha
Cohen and of stress than non-smokers
­ levels of stress decrease
Parrott cigarette reduc
and has immed
Lichtenstein when they stop smoking,
and increase again when they
but over time t
effect of sm
relapse ultimately incre
Heavier drinkers have been Amongst heavie…

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Positive reinforcers naturally
White increase dopamine levels ­
this can be caused by
Griffiths Gamblers b
addicted beca
addictive drugs such as enjoy the phys
cocaine and heroin psychological a

Alcohol related stimuli such Classical con
Glautier et as the sight of a pub create
the same physiological

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In a smoker's peer group, Children wh
McAllister the main message appears
to be that smoking is an
Jarvis positive view o
tend to com
et al enjoyable activity which
results in becoming more
smoking is eithe
popular or accep

Examined smoking trends in Conducted a tw
Fidler et…

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Found significant relationship Low self este
Abood et al between self esteem and
health amongst teens ­
Baumeister cause people t
ways that a
self-esteem accounted for defeating in
significant variance in health escape self aw

Had sample of
Taylor et al Analysed data from 872 boys
aged 11…

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Collected scenes from 140 Reviewed 87 mo
films concerning films from 20 y
addictive/risky behaviours.
Films such as Trainspotting Gunasekura 4 films ha
Sulkenen presented drugs as a way of showed use o
alleviating problems, and with
no negative consequences
et al positively, o
reference to sa
of 53…

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Tested TRA on sex as a
response to the threat of Sample of te
contracting HIV ­
participants had problems Moore and adults ­ found
TRA could ac
Terry et al with link between intention predict gam
and behaviour ­ could not
feel they were fully control
Ohtsuka frequency and…

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Tested whether
Gamblers treated with SSRIs
rewards wo
to increase serotonin levels
Hollander showed significant
improvements in comparison
Sindelar et patients quit
allocated rando
with money in
et al to control group ­ supports
claim that serotonin helps
al drug use dr
considerably ­
clean urine
Meta analysis




A very useful set of revision cards for those key studies, thank you!

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