Augustus Relationship with the Senate, Equestrians and Plebs

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- His distribution of the empire into districts gave members of the senate new roles/jobs

- More promotional paths

- Created senatorial provinces

- But reduced their overall power

- 1,000-600 reduction of senators

- He had restored rule to the republic, but they may not have been happy because Augustis had      made himself more powerful than a pro-consul

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- Only people who can govern Egypt

- He supplied the soldiery with gifts

- He had made a special type of soldiers called the knights, they were given benefits & given good pay for being in the knights and govern some of the provinces

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- A lot of the plebs were a part of the army

- His building of aqueducts around Rome, supplied the city with good water supply

- Plebs recieved a regular corn tradition

- He had built theatres in order to entertain them 

- Restored peace and stability

- Augustus had built all new temples & a new bath complex 

- 'Bread and Circuses'

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