Emperors & their relations with freedmen

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  • Relations with freedmen
    • Augustus 27BC - 14AD
      • Strict regulations of conditions and status of freedmen (Suetonius)
        • Against the creation of new citizens
    • Caligula 37AD - 41AD
      • "Most powerful freedmen co-operated with the guards to plot his assassination" (Suetonius)
    • Claudius 41AD - 54AD
      • FELIX given command of infantry and cavalry & governorship of Judea (Suetonius)
      • NARCISSUS & PALLUS given large gifts of money (Suetonius)
      • More the "servant" of his freedmen than their emperor (Suetonius)
      • Freedmen selling citizen/governorships (Dio)
      • SILVIO expelled from the senate for offending a freedman (Dio)
    • Nero 54AD - 68AD
      • "For a long time Nero excluded the sons of freedmen from the senate" (Suetonius)
    • Domitian 81AD - 96AD
      • Gave a number of important court appointments to freedmen like Claudius (Suetonius)


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