Revision grid on USA and WWII

Includes America in the Pacific, America in Europe, the 'Road to victory', Atomic bomb, impact of WWII on American society, impact of WWII on African Americans, impact of war on international relations, Post war peace settlements, and President Truman.

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The USA and the Second World War: 1941 ­ 1945

Topic Key events / features / individuals Specific evidence
America in the Pacific 1942 allies were defensive ­ Britain was concerned with the battle of the Anglo American cooperation strongest between late 1941 and
Atlantic, Russia, German attacks and America…

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The USA and the Second World War: 1941 ­ 1945

Impact of war on American Outside of USA war caused mass destruction, economic hardship and `good war'
massive casualties Civilian deaths USA 12 000, Germany 1 800 000
Society BUT in America: Index of consumer spending ­
Little rationing full…


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