Revision grid on USA and WWII

Includes America in the Pacific, America in Europe, the 'Road to victory', Atomic bomb, impact of WWII on American society, impact of WWII on African Americans, impact of war on international relations, Post war peace settlements, and President Truman.

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The USA and the Second World War: 1941 ­ 1945
Topic Key events / features / individuals Specific evidence
America in the Pacific 1942 allies were defensive ­ Britain was concerned with the battle of the Anglo American cooperation strongest between late 1941 and
Atlantic, Russia, German attacks and America trying to stop the Japanese early 1943
Britain loses most of its colonies in the middle east: Hong Kong, naval base
in Singapore
November 1943 America offensive: keeps supplies going to China, aids
British in Burma and India,
Victory in the Pacific could have been secured but war in Europe was the
priority influenced by FDR's British and Soviet allies
America in Europe AngloAmerican relationship because of the increasingly close personal link Harry Hopkins
between C and FDR as well as other personalities General George Marshall
Also Churchill shares secret intelligence obtained at Station X Shipping losses at 8 million tonnes per month
With war progression relationship becomes more American dominated 1943 invasion of Italy
2 urgent concerns in 1942: struggle to defeat U boats struggle to give Invasion of Western Europe postponed until June 1944
support to Soviet Union and opening a Second Front to divert German Germany defeated at Stalingrad and Kursk
new technologies helped win the Battle of the Atlantic
long rage aircraft and airborne radar helped destroy U Boats
summer 1943: soviet union ready to counterattack Germany mass
daylight bombing raids on German factories by USAAF Italy defeated
Victory 1945 Victory ­ G and J forced into surrender US army has to mobilise 5 million soldiers
DDay landings June 1944 Munitions industry the biggest ever
American influence becomes more and more dominant
Dwight D. Eisenhower made Supreme Allied Commander Europe
December 1943
Victory comes because of American dominance, which is enhanced by
atomic weapons
Atomic Bomb 1939 Atomic research small scale 1st successful test 1945 Los Alamos, New Mexico
Expanded after USA joins war in 1941 Hiroshima
Huge financial resources given the Manhattan Project, headed by Dr Nagasaki
Robert Oppenheimer, supervised by General Hodges America being able to finance the building of the bomb proved
Britain involved but America provided capital that USA could outspend any power in the world
Shortened the war but may not have been necessary to win WWII but
used on Japan anyways
Changed the balance of power in USA's favour

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The USA and the Second World War: 1941 ­ 1945
Impact of war on American Outside of USA war caused mass destruction, economic hardship and `good war'
massive casualties Civilian deaths USA 12 000, Germany 1 800 000
Society BUT in America: Index of consumer spending ­
Little rationing full unemployment living standards go up 1945: USA 122 Japan: 78
Cultural life and popular entertainment thriving Firestorms destroyed Hamburg 1943 & Tokyo 1945
Strong sense of national unity little criticism for the government Aircraft produced…read more


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