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Positions of each person in
1865 and then in 1992…read more

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African American: 1865
As a recently freed slave a black American began
to gain some rights. However, they faced
discrimination and racist white Americans
showing the lack of recognition in the US of
their poor civil rights. They couldn't marry a
white American, were forbidden to practice
their religions and didn't have the right to
vote.…read more

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Afr-Am: 1992
By the end of the period these people were no
longer legally discriminated, segregation was
gradually disappearing particularly in schools
and they could vote. Equality was present in
society in terms of rights but economically,
there is bifurcation meaning wealthy African
Americans are leaving the others who can't
help themselves, behind. Overall, lots of
progress had been made.…read more

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Worker: 1865
Their rights were limited in terms of working
conditions, wages, working hours and there
was a lack of benefits with the job like paid
leave. To get attention workers would strikes
however this made things worse and
employers were too powerful.…read more

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Worker: 1992
By 1992 many rights had been obtained and
workers could join a trade union (membership
did drop a little bit due to 1971 Air Traffic
Controllers' Strike). Wages and working hours
were fair. Also, insurance was available by this
time. Employees could communicate more
easily with employers with National Labor
Relations Board in place and other
governmental schemes.…read more

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Native American: 1865
In this time, tribes weren't recognised as citizens
of America and their culture was rejected with
policy of assimilation. White Americans took
their land and disastrously altered the
lifestyle- unable to hunt buffalo no longer
being nomadic. They didn't have the right to
vote as they weren't citizens of US.…read more

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