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of categorising elements? 8th element had similar properties and when?
what where the two ways who was the first person to notice that every

1. their physical and chemical properties-
2. the relative atomic they did Newlands was the first
not have any idea of atomic structure, person to…

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in his periodic table and when?
what did he find out?
who was the person who left gaps

he found out that the elements go in order
it was Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869
of atomic mass but there have to be gaps

when the electrons are further away?
down Group…

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form and with what type of element? down group 7 and why?
what type of compound do they what happens as you go

as you go down they become less
reactive because its harder to gain an
they form ionic compounds with non-metals extra electron, because the outer shells

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name some properties of transition metals

good conductors of heat and
electricity, are very strong, dense
and shiny, less reactive than group 1


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