the past and future periodic table

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of categorising elements? 8th element had similar properties and when?
what where the two ways who was the first person to notice that every
1. their physical and chemical properties-
2. the relative atomic they did Newlands was the first
not have any idea of atomic structure, person to notice in 1864
protons, electrons, atomic number
what went wrong? why was his work ignored? why was his work criticised?
1. his groups contained elements
the pattern broke down on the third row that didn't have similar properties like
with transition metals like titanium(Ti) carbon and titanium-2. he mixed up
and iron(Fe) messing it up. his work metals and non-metals like oxygen and
was ignored because he left no gaps. iron-3. he did not leave any gaps for
elements that had not been discovered.

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Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869
of atomic mass but there have to be gaps
when the electrons are further away?
down Group 1 and why?
attract and why? what happens
what happens when you go
what does the positive charged nucleus
as they go down they become more
the positively charged nucleus attracts
reactive and the outer electron is more
electrons and holds them together
easily lost, because it's further from the
and the further away from the nucleus
nucleus.…read more

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