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Models of the Atom
Over the past years there have been many proposed models of the atom by
different scientists over the world. These models tend to have a common factor,
which shows how each model has advanced from the previous one. Famous
atomic models include the Bohr Model, Thomson's…

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Model. Bohr's model changed future models largely. The key success to the
model was sought from its success in explaining Rydberg's model for `the
spectral emission lines of atomic hydrogen'. The Bohr model was a success in
explaining the structure of Rydberg's model. The model below shows when
electrons jump…

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negative charge is in the electrons. Therefore, if this diagram shows a neutral
atom, there would be as many protons as there are electrons.

Therefore we can see from this that there have been many proposed models and
theories of the atom, which have been an important part towards the…


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