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THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS: To What Extent was it a success?

Discourage aggression from any nation.
Encourage co-operation between countries, especially in business or trade.
Encourage nations to disarm.
Improve the living and working conditions of people in all places of the world.

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The Secretariat:
Kept records and prepared reports.
Covered areas such as health, disarmament and economic matters.
ILO (International Labour Organisation):
Brought together employers, governments and workers' representatives once a year.
Improve working conditions.
League of Nations Commissions (Committees):
Mandates Commission:
WWI ­ German colonies and colonies of her allies made…

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Made recommendations on marking shipping lanes and produced an international highway

Social Problems:
Blacklisted 4 large drug traders.
Freed 200,000 people in British-owned Sierra Leone.
Organised raids against slave owners and traders in Burma.
Challenged the use of forced labour on the Tanganyika railway in Africa where there was…

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Conference of Ambassadors ­ had to sort out border between Greece and Albania. Italian
general Tellini appointed to supervise it.
Tellini and his team were killed in Greece ­ Mussolini furious and blames Greek govn.
Demanded compensation for Italy and execution for murderers ­ Greeks didn't know who
was to…

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Rise of Aggressive Nationalism:
Japan and Germany ­ expansionist foreign policies challenge existing borders etc and
therefore League.
Challenge to TOV which League is supposed to defend.

Feb 1932 ­ Disarmament Conference begins.
Britain and France divided ­ British felt the TOV was unfair ­ allows Germany to build…

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Wanted glory ­ to restore the Roman Empire.
1934 ­ dispute between Italian and Ethiopian soldiers at the Wal-Wal oasis ­ Mussolini claims
this was Italian territory (actually 80km inside Abyssinia) ­ demands apology and prepares
Italian army for an invasion of Abyssinia.
Abyssinian emperor Haile Selassie appeals to the…

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Failure of economic sanctions ­ supposedly military force would be used.
League had no troops of its own ­ GB and F not willing to commit troops.
E.g. Vilna, Abyssinia, Manchuria.
Unfair treaties:
Bound to uphold the peace treaties.
Apparent that some of the terms were harsh and unjust.


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