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Were the major generals the most
successful attempt at republican
rule during the interregnum?
By: Chloe, Amy and Rebecca…read more

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Western Design:
The western design was
Cromwell's plan to capture the
Introduction to the
Penruddock's Uprising:
Spanish West Indies to secure
a base for operations within
the Caribbean.
A Royalist plan to reinstate
the monarchy by force and Major Generals
overturn Cromwell's
· The failure of the First Protectorate Parliament discouraged
Cromwell from further attempts to co-operate with civilian politicians.
· It was in part a consequence of the breakdown of the Instrument of
· A series of Royalist conspiracies that concluded in
Penruddock's Uprising in the spring of 1655 convinced him that
severe security measures should be enforced.
· Cromwell also believed that the failure of the Western Design to
the West Indies was a sign of God's displeasure at England's progress,
and that a godly reform of the morals of the nation was directly required.
· The Rule of the Major-Generals was a 15-month period of direct
military government during Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate.…read more

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What were the Major Generals?
· The major generals were people Cromwell had set
out in the various marked regions that the country
was divided in to. (average of 11)
· They were answerable only to the Lord Protector.
· The main priority of the major generals was to
maintain security by suppressing unlawful
assemblies, disarming Royalist "malignants" and
apprehending thieves, robbers and highwaymen.…read more

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Main aims and instructions of the
Major Generals:
· The creation of a reliable militia.
· Enforcing the poor law.
· To keep an eye on known royalists in their areas.
· To be responsible for morality in their
district (close brothels, gambling dens,
and theatres etc)
· To stop unlawful assemblies.
· To take a collection of 10%
decimation tax on royalist estates.…read more

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Good or Bad?…read more

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Successes (really?!)
· They broke up ranks of
the royal cavalry.
·Edward Whalley made efforts to improve the lot of those at
the bottom of society in the short time of having influence he
made an impact.
·Cromwell publically praised them for having been "more
effectual towards the discountenancing of vice and settling
religion than anything done these 50 years"
·Worsely was successful as he sought to improve poor relief
and supply work.
·Most Major Generals reactivated some of the social and
economic laws which had been ignored on the statute book.
This delighted the godly who had been trying to do the same,
and those who in congregations had prayed for such rulers.…read more

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