Barebones Parl. 1653

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  • Barebone's Parliament
    • Failures
      • Religous Radicals incl. Barebones. Fifth Monarchist section (Capp) were able to form small effective group
      • Alienated moderates, icluding Cromwell. Threatened to cut army pay
    • Successes
      • Reform: development of public administration (Aylmer) looked at proposals for debt reform, treatment of insane etc.
      • Its radicalism exaggerated-  only 12 definate Fifth Monarchists (Capp)
    • Hill - 'all interregnum regimes were sitting on bayonets'
    • Removal
      • Removed by Moderates on 12 December who reinstated Cromwell. Lambert main perpetrator (Woolrych)


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