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What is an imperial presidency?
A term popularised by the book of the same title written in 1973
by Arthur Schlesinger, used to refer to a presidency characterised
by the misuse and abuse of the powers of the presidency. In
particular, it referred to executive secrecy- especially in foreign
policy- and high handedness in dealing with Congress.
Who did it develop under?
It is most obvious under FDR's administration, and most agree
this was where "the modern presidency" was grown.…read more

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Nixon's administration. Nixon's resignation
was evidence, to some, that there was no imperial presidency. In
his resignation statement, Nixon said, "I no longer have a strong
enough political base in the Congress" ie he was forced out by
Congress. In 1986, Schlesinger even recanted his theory to an
Further, Congress began re assert themselves after this, passing
many pieces of legislation to curb the President, especially in
regards to foreign policy.…read more


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