Unit 4 Politics Checklist

Taken from the exam board (Edexcel) and made into something we can actually use, here's a short list of the basic concepts you need to know for the exam. My thanks go to my friend David for making this - it was a good idea and it might help you as much as it helped us. Enjoy!

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Unit 4 Politics
The Constitution
Key concepts Content explanation
separation of powers A knowledge of the nature and principles of the
US Constitution.
checks and balances An awareness of the constitutional framework
within which US institutions operate and of the
Constitutional rights relationship between the Constitution and
practical politics.
Constitutional rights and an evaluation of their
Key concepts Content explanation
representation A knowledge of the structure and workings of
Congress, of the distribution of power within
government gridlock Congress, and of debates about the adequacy
of its representative role.
the committee system of Congress A knowledge of factors influencing the
relationship between Congress and the
presidency, and an ability to discuss the policy
significance and institutional effectiveness of
An awareness of the extent and significance of
party allegiance.
Key concepts Content explanation

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A knowledge of the formal and informal sources
of presidential power and of the relationships
imperial presidency between the presidency and other institutions.
An awareness of the factors that affect the
Executive Office of the President (EXOP) role of the presidency and an ability to
evaluate the capacity to provide leadership of
the presidency and of recent presidents.
Federal Bureaucracy
new federalism
Supreme Court
Key concepts Content explanation
judicial review A knowledge of the composition and role of the
Supreme Court.…read more


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