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The Imperial Presidency: 1933-1970's
A label for the increased authority and decreased accountability of the presidency, at its
peak by the late `60's, early `70's. Signified an era in which there was a high-handed and
often secretive handling of foreign policy issues and in domestic policy, they were able to…

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Many welcomed the idea of the president being relatively free to lead his country
It was seen for federal government to have a significant role in the nation's economy,
alongside creating and maintaining a welfare system.
The Johnson era (1963-69) was the zenith of the postwar domestic consensus that was…

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Corruption and Disharmony
In 1974, many Americans became aware for the first time of the tremendous accumulation of
power in the hands of the president. Many checks and balances had
been placed on the president in the Constitution, which all wanted
to prevent a concentration of power in one part…


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