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The Hungarian Uprising 1956…read more

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Background information
In 1956, Hungarians tried to break away from
Communist control. At first it seemed as
though they would be successful.
However their hopes were crushed by Soviet
military power.…read more

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· Hungary had been under Soviet control since
1945. Hungarians hated Communist control and
the leader Rakosi was also very unpopular.
· In 1953, Stalin had died. Many Hungarians were
optimistic about what the future would bring- the
new Soviet leader had even criticized Stalin in a
· Other countries such as Poland were allowed
reforms. Hungarians were encouraged by this, and
wanted change themselves.…read more

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What happens?
· October 23rd ­ A
peaceful demonstration
took place in Budapest,
the capital of Hungary.
The crowd had refused
to move away despite
the police ordering
them to, and by the end
of the demonstration a
large statue was pulled
down and destroyed.…read more

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· The next day, the
workers went on strike
and began to arm
themselves. Pictures of
Rakosi were burned and
people were attacking
Soviet tanks with petrol
bombs.…read more

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· On the fifth day of the uprising, Nagy a
popular leader was asked to be leader again.
People felt that Hungary would be free from
Communist control and would be able to hold
free elections again.…read more

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