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  • Cold War intensifies
    • The Arms Race
      • Sputnik is the first ever artificial satellite launched into space (launched by the USSR)
        • Started the Space Race
      • Missile technology led to IMBC's. As a result of the Arms Race their was enough powerful weaponry to destroy the world 5 times over
      • Put both countries in a state of Mutually Assured Destruction
    • New leaders
      • Krushchev 1956, Soviet leader after Stalin's death in 1953
        • Wanted reforms and a better standard of living for citizens in the USSR
      • Eisenhower, US president
    • NATO and the Warsaw Pact
      • The Warsaw Pact was a communist military alliance formed after NATO. Soviets feared that their enemy was getting stronger so they formed their own alliances
      • (April 1949) A group of Western countries including France, Britain and the USA formed the North Atlantic Treaty organisation
        • It was agreed that if one member of NATO was attacked then all other members must come to their aid
    • Hungarian Uprising Causes
      • Comecon controlled the Hungarian economy
      • No trade with the West
      • Could not claim Marshall aid
      • Living standards fell and the experienced their worst ever agricultural output
    • The Hungarian Uprising
      • Krushchev put the capitalist Nagy in control of Hungary to ease tensions
        • Nagy introduced new reforms and Krushchev removed Soviet troops from the country
      • Nagy announced that Hungary would leave the Warsaw Pact
    • Krushchev's response to the Hungarian uprising
      • In response Krushchev sent 1000 tanks into Budapest to regain control over Hungary
      • 20,000 Hungarians were killed and Nagy was executed
    • International response to the Hungarian Uprising
      • The UN started an investigation into the events
      • The West could do little other than condemn the actions of the Soviet Union
      • Hungarians asked for support from the UN and USA however they did not help


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