Cold War - Hungarian Uprising 1956

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  • Hungarian Uprising 1956
    • Causes
      • Poverty - Hungarians were having their countries siphoned of it's goods
      • Strong Catholicism - The Hungarians were very catholic and the Soviet Union banned all religion due to it being Karl Marx saying it's 'the opium of all people'
      • Strict Russian Control -  Hungarian people hated the strict Russian censorship and secret police
      • Rakosi - The leader of Hungary from 1949-1956 was Rakosi, and the people hated him, as he imprisoned over 100,000 people and killed 2000
      • Destalinisation - After the 'Secret Speech' Nikita destalinised Hungary, but it got out of hand. Rakosi requested permission to arrest the main culprits, but it was denied by Khrushchev.
        • Secret Speech - In February of 1956, Nikita declared the destalinisationof the eastern bloc countries
    • Events
      • Riots - On the 23rd of October, small groups of students protested which eventually grew into groups of thousands protesting
      • Help request from the West - Due to the recently established Truman Doctrine (1948) Hungary called for help from the US
      • Imre Nagy - Rioters requested well respected Imre Nagy to be appointed leader of the Hungary on the 24th of October. Khrushchev was reluctant to allow this but to calm the riots he had to.
      • Red Army Withdrawal - Imre Nagy requests the Red Army's withdrawal and Khrushchev complies on the 28th of October
    • Consequences
      • Janos Kadar - Khrushchev elects Kadar as the new Prime Minister
      • Soviet Invasion - 4th November 1000 tanks cross the border and crush the civil uprising
      • Cold War Thaw - After the slaughter of innocents to enforce the iron grip on the eastern bloc, worldwide mistrust and tension returns
      • Imre Nagy - Imre Nagy was tried and executed for 'endangering communism and the Russian control'
      • Mass Migration - As a result, 200,000 Hungarians Fled the country


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