The Germ Theory- Detailed Overview

This is a presentation all about the germ theory it cover Pasteur and Koch!

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The Germ Theory
By Rebecca Y…read more

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In the 1860's the understanding of
disease reached a turning point. Scientist
managed to prove that germs cause
disease.…read more

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How did people explain disease in the
For centuries common sense had told
people that there was a link between dirt
and disease.
In the early 1800's the popular
explanation was miasma.
Poisonous fumes were given off (by
rubbish etc) and were swept from one
place to another by the wind.…read more

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The link between germs and disease
In the late 1600's Leeuwenhoek made
some of the first microscopes.
His first microscopes were fuzzy and only
contained one lens.
He discovered that everything had tiny
organisms on it.…read more

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Improved Microscopes
In the early 1800's purer glass was being
produced so the science of optics was
better understood.
In 1830 Joseph Lister developed a
microscope that magnified 1000 times
without distortion.…read more

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Louis Pasteur Germ Theory
In the 1850's Pasteur discovered that
germs in beer were making it go off.
He showed them that they needed to boil
the liquid to kill the bad germs.
In 1860 he was given the opportunity to
prove that the old theory (decaying
matter turns itself into microorganisms)
about what causes decay was wrong.…read more

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