The Family Morality and State Policy.

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The family, morality and state policy. ­ Notes.
Valerie Riches argues that society is under attack due to its number of `threats'. All the views as to
why Valerie believes all these things such as single parent families affect family stability and to the
wellbeing of society itself.
Her views of why society is under threat:
Sex education
Working mothers
Working mothers
Homosexuality, divorce and single-parent families
Lack of protecting the traditional nuclear family
Liberal state policies
New right approach ­ (RICH STAYING RICHER)
Underclass of criminals (usually poorer men without a job)
Unmarried mothers having children for benefits and housing
Idle young men responsible for rising crime, no money and nothing better to do.
Children doing bad at school reflecting in their behaviour ­ crime, laziness, anti-family values
Maybe the women desire pregnancy at young age
Benefits only provide people with what they need not what they want, meaning they cannot
be welfare-dependant
Golden age of family life:
The New right have an idea that the decline of the traditional family is because of all the new laws,
rights and policies available. As they are conservative thinkers, they believe strongly in traditional
and family values. These commentators strictly believe there was once a `golden age' in family life in
which husband and wife were strongly committed to each other for life (without divorce), children
were bought up with respect. Also the respect for social institutions was more respected such as the
LAW (the law wasn't broken as much).
Decline of the traditional family
New right thinkers believe the 1960's-70's was an attack of the traditional family values
Divorce, contraception, no marriage, independent working women, homosexuality, sexual
freedom of women
Familial ideology

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The views of the New Right make up the perfect set of views of what an ideal family is. Their
preferred family however, is the Nuclear family. Why... look below
Family decline and the New Right.…read more


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