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The family, morality and state policy. ­ Notes.
Valerie Riches argues that society is under attack due to its number of `threats'. All the views as to
why Valerie believes all these things such as single parent families affect family stability and to the
wellbeing of society itself.

Her views…

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Familial ideology

The views of the New Right make up the perfect set of views of what an ideal family is. Their
preferred family which is the Nuclear family. Why... look below

Family decline and the New Right.

There are symptoms of the decline in family morality ­ for example…

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State policy and the family.

There are three broad trends that can be seen in state policy. These policies suggest that the
ideology of a traditional nuclear family and the misgivings of the new right show that there is some
positive influence on the governments thinking.

1) There is much…


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