The New Right and the Family

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  • New Right & the Family
    • Marsland & Murray
      • Believe the welfare state
        • Undermines the self-reliance of the family unit
        • Encourages the rise of lone parent familes
        • Has created an underclass consisting of lone parent underage families that have an anti-work ethic and peverse incentives like benefits and council houses
    • Believe that the TNF is an important institution because of its functions and that it should be the dominant family structure
      • Providing emotional support for children and instiling moral values into them
      • It is a self-reliant unit because the father provides for their economic needs while the mother looks after the house and children
    • Want social policy to
      • Promote the return of the TNF
      • Reduce births outside marriage
      • Give benefits to conventional families
      • Reduce welfare support for non-conventional families
    • Weaknesses
      • Ignores the dark side of the family that women face like domestic abuse and marital ****
      • Feminists are critical of their attak on lone parent female families and believe it id an attempt to force women back into the oppressive patriarchal institution of marriage


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