The environmental impacts of eneergy

table to show the environmental impacts of energy resources and possible solutions. 

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Energy Type Problem Solution or remediation method
Open cast Aesthetic Problems Landscaped embankments
mining Landscape the area after the mine closure (plant trees and
(fossil fuels) grass)
Fossil Fuels Oil spills Be more careful
Fossil Fuels Habitat destruction, Careful soil replacement and replanting can reduce the
from construction of impact
oil/gas pipelines
Open cast Dust from mining Spray water during dry weather
mining and vehicle
(fossil fuels) movements
Open cast Noise from vehicles Baffle mounds (embankments) around mine to
mining absorb/deflect noise
(fossil fuels)
Open cast Turbid drainage Sedimentation lagoons
mining water
(fossil fuels)
Open cast Derelict site left on Restoration for appropriate use-argiculture, conservation,
mining mine closure recreation.
(fossil fuels) Ground instability, makes building houses difficult
Nuclear Radioactive waste Treat the waste, depending on radioactivity.
power from manufacturing
Solar power Extraction of solar Recycle, reuse, reduce
panel construction
HEP Flooding of
reservoir, causes
habitat destruction
HEP Movement of Build fish passes, so that the fish can still migrate upstream.
migratory fish, each
side of the reservoir
Wind power Aesthetic pollution, Careful location of the wind farms
of the aero
Wind power Noise pollution from Careful location of the wind farms
the turbines blades
Wind power Electromagnetic Careful location of the wind farms
field around the
wind farm, may
cause disturbance to
local radar or radio
Wind power Change in air Careful location of wind farms
pressure, can kill
Tidal power Pollutants may build Keep the water clean, and check pollution levels
up behind the

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Tidal Power Barrage may be an Careful location and navigation route planning.
Category of radioactive Origin of waste Storage method
High level waste Used uranium fuel rods-split Vitrification-dried powered
nuclei form highly radioactive solid waste mixed with molten
isotopes glass and allowed to solidify in
stainless steel containers,
surrounded by concrete to
absorb radiation.
Air cooling removes the heat of
radioactive decay.
In the UK it is stored at
Sellafield, Cumbria.…read more


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