Solar-Derived Energy Resources- Wave Power

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  • Solar-Derived Energy Resources - Wave Power
    • Environmental Impacts
      • Increased biodiveristy as some species of barnacle benefit from the equipment as a habitat
      • If inproperly placed can cause serious damage to marine ecosystems
    • Locational Factors
      • No land use conflicts
      • Best sites are generally exposed coasts with strong winds e.g. Britain and Ireland
    • Factors that produce larger waves
      • Areas with strong winds
      • Winds that blow continually
      • Constant wind direction
      • There is a long distance of 'fetch' for the waves to build up
    • The friction of winds blowing over the water produces waves. The kinetic energy of the rise and fall of the water can be harnessed to generate electricity
      • The equipment that harnesses the energy of the waves may be anchored offshore, fixed on the seabed or on the shore


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