Environmnetal Impacts of Energy Use

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  • Environmental Impacts of Energy Use
    • Fuel Extraction
      • Coal mining and oil drilling cause habitat loss
    • Fuel Processing
      • Refining produces waste and pollution through leaks and spills
    • Equipment Manufacture
      • Pollution from energy consumption, raw material use and waste made
    • Site Devlopment
      • Land loss and ecosystem disruption
    • Waste Disposal
      • Coal spoil/radioactive waste damages environment
    • Transportation
      • Pipeline and cable installation causes habitat disruption
    • Affects future supplies
      • Depletes existing resources
      • Environmental damage from exploitation and use of fuel reserves
      • More energy demand due to increased affluence and population size
    • New Technologies Overcome Environmental Concerns
      • Increase amount of energy available from exisitng resources
      • New machinery allows excavation of deeper deposits
      • Better technologies to harvest energy
      • Better technologies to increase energy use efficiency
      • Allow new resource exploitation
      • Mapping of new sources for exploration
      • New sources of energy (e.g. nuclear fusion)
      • Secondary oil recovery
        • As oil pressure in oil wells fall, fluids are injected to increase pressure and force more out
      • Tertiary oil recovery
        • Reduces viscosity to ease extraction
        • Oil can be heated by steam injection or use solvents/detergents


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