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What the hell is Global
Global Citizenship - The
concept of an overarching one
world government system in
which all humans are joined as
citizens of earth such as to not
replace but superceed current
nation based government
= we are one huge
community on one earth so
lets be friends! (But
responsible friends)
In the case of the Amazon
Rainforest it relates to how we
recognise our responsible for
the sustainability of the habitat…read more

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DUN...…read more

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Based on the facts and figures you have just
Write 3 local & 3 Global costs of deforestation
in the Amazon
What do you think?!…read more

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Costs of Amazonian exploitation
Locally =
Expels/disrupts culture resulting
in growing resentment from
Land becomes infertile due to
soil erosion, not usable for
Toxic fumes emitted during
deforestation process.
Globally =
In both cases there is the CO2 emissions increase
issue of deforestation of globally leading to greenhouse
mineral exploitation being effect.
unethical due to effect on The price of deforestation for
biodiversity and animal multinational companies is high.
Could lead to a man-made…read more

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Benefits of Amazonian
Globally =
Global citizens get cheaper
prices for materials.
Jobs created in companies.
Strengthens international
Locally =
New jobs for local people
makes way for new
However, environmentalist developmental projects i.e.
consider the costs far greater the 2016 Olympics
than the benefits. What do
Coal and oil can be sold to
you think? Write a small
summary of your view
boost Brazil's economy and
including both costs and
strengthen international
benefits. relations.…read more

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