Excellent Development Case Study

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Excellent Develpment


  • Manx Charity founded by Simon Madrell
  • Main aim is the conservation of soil and water
  • Works in semi-arid Kenya where the people suffer from the impacts of spuradic rainfall which causes soil erosion and then desrtification in the dry season.
  • Bottum-up Development - Development that involves decision making from within the community when embarking on new development strategies (Grassroots/local level)
  • Participatory development - Community involement leads to empowerment of grassroots community 
  • Many people in these areas are subsitence farmers, therefore it creates poverty due to poor harvests. These people also lack the basic need of fresh water for the majority of the year because they have to walk up to 10km to fetch water.
  • They aim to educate the community in order to empower them to help themselves through the building of sand dams, terracing and planting trees.
  • The skills are then passed on to others communities in the area and to new generations, therefore it is sustainable.
  • Community element very important because it creates social cohesion and enables them to help each oher which speeds up the process


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