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Approaches to sustainability
Curitiba…read more

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Curitiba Case Study
Jamie Lerner, Mayor of Curitiba (March 2007)
`City is not a problem, city is a solution'
2010 the Global Sustainable City Award-given to Curitiba.
The award recognises cities that excel in sustainable urban
It's easier for developed cities to invest in planning and
implementation of measures needed for sustainable urban
development, it is a surprise to many people that the award went
to a city in Brazil where, in spite of rapid industrial growth
in recent years, income levels are still relatively low.…read more

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Curitiba Case Study
Curitiba is in Southeast Brazil, Capital of Parana Province
Population of 1.8 million
The city is one of the most sustainable in the world due to
well planned, relatively cheap strategies that have been
implemented quickly and effectively.…read more

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Curitiba Case Study
Transport: Stops are at the same height as bus
doors with easy access for all
465 bus lanes with 2 mill + passengers
per day Drivers don't take fares, making
journeys quicker
Buses are cheap and quick
BRT has its own lanes- other buses
5 main routes that criss corss the
connect to BRT allowing access to
city with lanes specifically for
the whole city
buses, the bus rapid transport system
One fair and go anywhere
Tubular bus stops that allow quick
access to the two doors of the bus Express buses t handle increasing
75% of commuters use the buses on
weekdays 25% less congestion…read more

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Curitiba Case Study
Social: Citizenship street- public services and
cultures- police and job centres on these
Busy street- pedestrianised, street streets
Hospitals and health care centres along
Outdoor university- need for main roads(ease of access) open 24/7
education, cost effective, utilising
space Free of charge sport grounds
Green exchange, recycling= free bus All have access to clean water and 90%
fares+food (helps poor) 300 tonnes of sewage systems
rubbish per month
`Lighthouses of knowledge' children access
to books and internet, lit up and night
`Urban planing'- children paint on
with police officers available
roads, reducing cars and bringing
people together 40 centres to feed and educate `street
children'…read more

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Curitiba Case Study
Green space: Skyscrapers have green space at the
base or provide money for housing
More parks in any available space
Pedestrianised streets- no cars-
1.5 mill tree planted better air quality
Regenerate river banks and link New Pavement has been laid
areas along the river
Each are on green space is themed
Disused factories converted into around different cutlures
sports facilities
Squaters are stopped form making
slums along rivers- stops flooding…read more

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