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The Path to Restoration 16581660

The Protectorate under Richard Cromwell
Divisions within the protectorate

The Protectorate was dependant on the willingness of the army to continue supporting
it, there were 5 main divisions.

1) Army
2) Republicans
3) Presbyterians
4) Radical sectaries
5) Royalists
The death of Oliver Cromwell had…

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The financial bankruptcy into which government sank

The Rump declined to acknowledge its dependence on the army and acted as though
things had not changed since the last rump. The army was particularly angry at the
rump's failure to attend to the question of army pay.

There was a sort…

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Fleetwood and the army officers bowed before this storm of opposition and rather than
face a renewal of civil war they allowed the rump to reassemble in December 1659.

The Recalled Rump
Reasons the rump was recalled

The storm of opposition to army rule
Monks march on London

The Rump…

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questions of property entitlements and army arrears of pay in his declaration of Bread

on April 4th.

On the 8th
of May 1660 England formally declared to no longer be a republic. On the 29th


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