To what extent did the new political settlement reached in the years 1992-94 create a fully democratic country?

Freeing Nelson Mandela and unbanning political parties

ANC committed to negotiations- whites no longer supported apartheid and sought future security

- legitimate alterntive for future

Negotiatons and dismantling Apartheid

Whites- believed they would divide on ethnic lines, loyalties were tribal

Suspocion between NP and ANC- pop reg act revoked

CODESA- crucial milestone in the path to full democracy. 

  • Deals were made to ensure a nationally unified government was established after the election

CODESA negotiations

  • Started badly- hostility between Mandela and de Klerk
  • De Klerk spoke of sensitive issues- condemned ANC for: failing to disband MK, commitment to violence (look good to white audience and western powers)

Mandela's biography- government maintaining violence and conflict

What were the agreements?

1. single undivided country

2. multi party democracy- w/ nonracial franchise

3. bill of rights

4. seperation of powers

What were the issues?

National Party

  • wanted veto over constitutional proposals- 75% majority, power sharing rather than transfer of power which would go straight to ANC


  • establish Zulu king
  • wanted strong federal system- homeland and minorities support, Democratic Party against as it would limiti centralised power
  • afrikner right explored idea of racially based federalism but ANC opposed

What happened as a result?


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