Tension between the Catholics and the Crown (1558-1572)

Notes on significant things which occure between the Catholics and Elizabeth from the start of her reign till 1572. My notes are written how I speak so you may want to re-write them more academically (I'm totally fine with people editing them for themselves).

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Analyse the increasing tension between the Crown and Catholics
1559: Liz and the Catholics are getting on fairly well. Other than the recusants, most people
are conforming.
1568: Mary Queen of Scots arrives in England ­ big red flag for Cecil and the rest of the
council as she's both Catholic, and the heir to the throne.
1569: The rise of the Northern Earls (because us Northerners love a good rebellion) ­ was a
concern as it shows key members of nobility are supporting Mary, however Liz dealt with it
as Henry would have done, by executing loads of them.
1570: Bull of Deposition ­ Claimed Liz was not the rightful Queen of England, encouraged
the commons to disobey her, also encouraged foreign powers to remove her from the
throne. Although most people did stay loyal and the foreigners stayed put, it did concern
the government quite a bit.
1571: The Ridolfi Plot Essentially Norfolk wants to marry Mary Queen of Scots so she can be
queen of England and he can be the consort (King with the title but not the power). Political
as they want to remove Liz from the throne, religious because they want a Catholic queen.
Cecil jumped on this as a reason to have Mary executed but Liz refused (morally wrong to
kill a fellow monarch as they have been put there by God and you must respect that).
Norfolk wasn't executed till the following year.


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