systems applications- tailoring needs

notes on tailoring needs for systems applications unit 3

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Tailoring needs
Doesn't matter what software you use to enter data, what does is the
method of entering it.
Consistency with house style and corporate image
Fonts/ colours- chosen for clarity above style
Graphics/animations- used to assist and not distract
Help messages should be useful, clear and easy to understand information on
screen should be logical and flow down the screen.
Interfaces should be initiative thus requiring as little training as possible
Shortcuts should be clearly visible
Who are the users? Are they experts or new to ICT
Designing forms
In database, interface is more geared towards the developer rather than
the user. This means that the developer is required to develop an interface
the end user can use.
Interface is likely to be in a form which can be created:
Within the application using tools
Using web based forms
When designing forms consider:
Visual/ audible cues
-important that if user needs to interact with lots of forms, then all should
be designed the same
User required to enter minimum amount of data required
System should be designed to minimise number of key strokes needed
Data should be minimalistic without sacrificing quality
Information clear and concise
Too much help can cause confusion and more problems
Visual/audible cues
Cues to let the user know if they do the correct things
Noises can indicate user was doing something wrong
Visual cues, like a error message, work with audible ones.
Elements of system should relate to users previous experiences

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If user is expected to use the system more than once, they should
remember how to complete the task
Tailoring generic applications
Application can be modified to help user to interact with system
Buttons used to run macros and help with navigation
Forms can be modified to help with data inputs
Better user interface
Increase data efficiency
Reduced risk of data input errors
Good level of technical knowledge needed
You need to know how to modify interface…read more


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