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Different types of software's
Systems software:
Utility programs
Operating system
Application software:
Generic applications software
Specific applications software: Off the shelf and
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A systems software is the name given to the
programs which help the user to control and
make the best use of the computer hardware.
Application software is a term used to describe
programs that have been written to help the
user carry out a specific task.
An operating system is software that is needed
to run a computer. It controls and supervises the
computers hardware and supports all software'
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Utility programs
Utility software is system software designed to help
analyse, configure, optimize or maintain a computer.
Virus-checking program-scans for viruses
File-conversion program- convert files
Disk-formatting program- set up new disk
File-compression program-reduce size of a file
File-management program- allows users to manage files( e.g. delete)
Backup programs- make copy of the file for security
Garbage-collection and defragmentation program- remove
unwanted data and files from a disk and close up any gaps so that the free space together…read more

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Generic application software
The most common software. Is an application
package that is appropriate to many users .
Can be used to create customised applications
or a user etc.…read more

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Examples of generic software's
Word-processing package- typing text
Database management package - storing data
Spread sheet package- calculations
Presentation package- creating slides
Web browser- accessing the internet
Web developer- inserting tables
Email software- sending emails to one or more addresses
Desktop-publishing (DTP) software- flyers
Image-manipulation software- cropping images…read more

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