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The Nature of the Medium…read more

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Photography extends
our visual capabilities ­ it can freeze or
extend time…read more

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We live in a reality based on views of
the world from photographic images
Do we accept the photographic image
as fact??
The camera never lies ­ or does it? Peter
Kennard manipulated images to undermine
those in power.
Source: The Independent
What is the power of images? Take this one. It
shows Tony Blair, in shirt and tie, facing
forwards, and grinning hard, as he takes his
own photo. But behind him the scene is
entirely filled with the smoke and fire of a
massive explosion, blowing the desert apart.
Its detonation seems to be simultaneous with
Blair's snap.…read more

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Photography widens our
experience ­ we can climb
Everest, walk on the moon, come
under fire, go under water and
see micro organisms.…read more

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Photography is not a
true artistic medium.
Can photography
be art?…read more

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Photography helps us to
understand what is going on ­
but is it subjective or objective?
When something is objective it means that it is
based on facts and not influenced by personal opinions,
interpretations and prejudices.
When something is subjective it is
based on personal feelings,
opinions or interpretations.…read more

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a interesting powerpoint. very helpful. Thank you 

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