Abstraction in the Environment

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  • Abstraction in the Environment
    • Link to Photographers
      • Each photographer has a unique style and it is shown in their work
      • There is a variety of colour in the photos and it leaves the photos open to interpretation
      • My shoot will be inspired by these ideas and also attempting to use different angles to show abstraction
    • Concept
      • I would like to attempt to use colour as an abstraction in the environment and also discover patterns on different objects which make them abstractions in the environment
    • Models/People
      • I will not use any models for this theme
    • Equipment/Location
      • I am going to conduct my shoot outside and will use a camera and a phone
    • Lighting
      • i will use artificial lighting as well as natural lighting so that the abstractions stand out
    • Composition
      • I will use macro photography to capture the abstractions if the location or object is small or even to focus the camera on the abstraction


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