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  • Urban Environment Photoshoot
    • Link to Photographers
      • I admire the way the photographers used documentaryphotography as a way of portraying urban environment. it illustrates changes overtime.
      • The use of landscape photography as well complements urban environment as it gives a wider view and tells an imaginative story
    • Models/People
      • I may use passer bys walking on the street if I conduct the shoot outside
    • Equipment/Location
      • I would want to go into the city during the day and night to depict the difference between how busy it is in the day and how busy it is in the night
      • I will also want to go and visit different retail shops to take photos of different elements of modern society, such as advertisements
      • I will use my phone a lot more because I would want to avoid any ethical issues if I use my camera I will have to request use of the shop and they will find it a challenging aspect.
    • Lighting
      • depending on what time of day it is, The lighting will be different.
    • Concept
      • The society has become more urban and up to date and this is demonstrated in different ways in urban environment. The urban environment has also had a negative effect such as pollution and overpopulation, which i would want to illustrate through my photoshoot
    • Composition
      • I would like use different techniques such as triptychs to portray changes in urban environment
      • i would want to use different angles to portray different perspectives of the urban environment


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